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I'm interested in learning more about installing my own heating and air conditioning system. I have so many questions. What's involved? Where do I start? I never imagined taking on the project of a heating and air conditioning as a do it yourself project. This trade has always been limited for the professionals in the industry. I've always assumed the whole idea of installing a heating and air conditioning system is beyond the realm of even a highly skilled do it yourselfer. Aren't there special licenses involved and highly specialized tools and equipment required? Doesn't somebody have to be licensed, highly trained and experienced to even attempt a heating and air conditioning system? Is a license required to purchase heating and air conditioning equipment? Can I really save enough money to make this a worthwhile do it yourself project? How much can I save? What happens if I have problems? Where do I turn? What if I have warranty problems later on? How will I get warranty support if I need it years from now? How do I know what type or size system would be best for me? Why would I think I can do any better as a do it yourselfer? What happens if I need technical support? Is there any opportunity in this for somebody who doesn't have do it yourself technical skills? I have so many questions and I know there are questions I haven't even thought of yet.


You will gain confidence and knowledge to do your own installation by following

SmartSolutions guidelines. You will save thousands of dollars, reduce your energy consumption and provide a high comfort system that will provide many years of trouble free service. Energy costs are increasing at skyrocketing rates never experienced before. You can't control energy costs but you can

reduce energy consumption. By using SmartSolutions from DESCO many homeowners are saving 70% over a contractor priced installation allowing them to invest in higher efficiency equipment and cutting their energy costs by an average of 50%.

DESCO Energy for over 34 years has provided thousands of homeowners like yourself in successful do it yourself heating and air conditioning systems. Over this period of time we've realized and fined tuned our technical support so that we can assist you at almost any level. What motivates anyone to take on a do it yourself heating and air conditioning installation? Skyrocketing energy costs coupled with the challenge of doing a project not normally undertaken by the average homeowner. Homeowners typically find the challenge and accomplishment of installing their own heating and air conditioning systems a major milestone. Many homeowners cite lack of confidence in HVAC contractors as another factor. Most customers of DESCO Energy cite their lack of confidence was a result of previous bad experiences ranging from shoddy workmanship, lack of response or repeated service calls accompanied with incorrect or deceitful information. Quite often price gouging was mentioned as another factor. Most homeowners say they gained the confidence to do their own installations as a result of the information, education, technical support and testimonials provide by DESCO Energy and SEER Solutions for Energy Efficient Results.

As a skilled do it yourselfer homeowner you may be asking "What can I gain financially from replacing or installing my own new air conditioning or heating system?". The average do it yourself homeowner will save an average of 70% off of a contractor quoted installation. The average system replacement cost is $4,000 to $7,000. That's a savings of $2,800 to $4,900. In addition the average homeowner reduces their energy consumption by 50%. Most save more. The average heating costs are $1,400. There's an additional $700 in those costs saved. Air Conditioning energy costs average $1,100. There's an additional $550 saved. The average homeowner saves $4050 the first year. The average system cost will pay for itself in less than a year. That is a very healthy motivation. Where else will you find an investment that returns your money faster than replacing your heating and air conditioning system? The best investment you can find is on your street, not on Wall Street!   


What if I don't have any real significant do it yourself skills?

What if I'm the type of homeowner who generally has a contractor do everything. Where does this concept fit for me? Even if you're a homeowner with little or no skills you can also save an average of 30% off of a contractor quoted installation and reduce your energy consumption by 50%. Regardless of your skill level as a homeowner there are opportunities for substantial savings in costs and energy. For the homeowner having few do it yourself skills you can contract with a licensed technician or contractor of your choice and purchase your new system at wholesale prices from DESCO Energy and save$$$. 

How do I know what size or type of system would be the best choice for me?
After reviewing the information we've provided on our website you will be able to make a confident valued decision about the type of system you will want.  SEER Solutions for Energy Efficient Results will guide you through the process of evaluating and assessing your home's efficiency, capacity and installation requirements for a complete energy efficient heating and air conditioning system. SEER was developed with over 34 years experience by over ten of our experienced engineers and technicians. This wealth of knowledge and experience is available to you from DESCO Energy on our website. Assisting you in education and providing you with the confidence and knowledge to move forward in this process. You will gain knowledge about all facets of heating and air conditioning systems, their types, sizes, benefits, features, basics of installation as well as warranties and problems within our industry.

34 years ago DESCO Energy began it's business by designing and supplying heating and air conditioning systems, temperature control systems and other equipment to commercial and industrial customers faced with the same dilemma. Businesses with competent maintenance personnel who routinely performed service, maintenance and installations of the most complex manufacturing equipment were unable to purchase heating and air conditioning equipment because of industry protection. DESCO Energy changed the market to provide complete systems with technical support for those customers. Twenty years ago DESCO Energy also began supplying heating and air conditioning systems to residential homeowners like yourself. Today we have provided thousands and thousands of businesses and homeowners across the United States and Canada with heating and air conditioning systems they've successfully installed themselves. The knowledge and experience we have gained from our customers is what you will gain from us and our website.

Why do I feel like I'm running in circles trying to get this project to a level where it all makes sense? 

 Many homeowners are loaded with misinformation and confusion causing contradiction and insecurity. DESCO Energy makes a continued effort to clear up misconceptions by providing in an in-depth look at the problems and the history of the development of products. Many times old rumors like dinosaur bones continue to emerge for equipment or system problems that occurred many years ago. Yet those rumors exist today as though the problems were occurring now. You will learn how furnaces, boilers, radiant heat, heat pumps and air conditioning systems have evolved and the challenges faced by manufacturers and contractors from 40 to 50 years ago to today. In addition we clear up the misconception about licensing and when you need a licensed installer to assist you. You'll also learn it is not illegal for you to purchase any HVAC system and no license is required to do so. You'll know how to remain in compliance with licensing regulations and code requirements by following the guidelines and requirements established by SEER Solutions for Energy Efficient Results. 95% of HVAC installations can be completed by you and the remaining 5% start up and check out can be completed by a licensed technician of your choice.

Whether or not you make your heating and air conditioning system a do it yourself project, DESCO Energy provides valuable information and tools for you to make the best decision for your HVAC (Heating Venting Air Conditioning) System Design and Selection.

For what types of projects do you provide assistance and support?

Whether your HVAC  project is for new construction, remodeling, replacement or general knowledge you'll find it here. For residential, commercial or industrial applications DESCO Energy is your one stop source for all your HVAC needs. In addition to professional sizing using Manual J industry standards we will also size and layout duct systems and radiant heating systems at no extra charge upon your purchase of a system. We will also review existing duct systems for their design and fitness of a replacement system. For new construction and renovation projects it is best to provide a drawing of the project first. If you do not already have a set of plans you can fax or email us a drawing with dimensions. It is not necessary for the drawing to be to scale as long as dimensions are complete. If you would like to make up more detailed and easier to view drawings go to our partner link at Home Plan Pro and you can download a 30 day free trial software. The Home Plan Pro software is easy for beginners or experienced users of design software. Cadd, Visio and Punch Home Design software are also excellent.

Are you a real legitimate stocking wholesale HVAC Distributor?

DESCO Energy is a 34 year old wholesale HVAC distributor stocking over 5,000 products from the best manufacturers in the industry including Honeywell, York, Amana, Fedders, Gibson, Tappan, New York Thermal Trinity, New Yorker to name a few. Products include furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioning, boilers, radiant heat, heat recovery, humidifiers, IAQ, air filtering, thermostats and control systems. In addition we stock pre fabricated duct systems, all components for radiant heating systems and everything else you could possibly need for a complete HVAC system. DESCO Energy is a member of the Better Business Bureau online and locally protecting you with 100% customer satisfaction and no complaints filed in 34 years. We also accept all major credit cards and Paypal online. We are also a Gold Level Power Seller on Ebay with 100% feedback.

Where are you located and can I pick up locally?

DESCO Energy is located at 26 N. State St. in York, Pa. We are convenientlylocated to all major cities in the northeast United States or will ship immediately to all parts of the country and Canada.

So where do we go from here?

We recommend exploring the Start Here Section with Sizing, Types of Systems, System Selection etc. and most importantly the Buyer Beware and Warranty sections. After review of this section then we recommend exploring the information provided under our Solutions subsection and then finally the Products section. At anytime you can go to our online sizing form and we will evaluate the efficiency, capacity and best system for your budget, area and house. If you are looking for pricing you will find our Ecommerce store located in the products section. We provide all pricing on our Ebay store but not all products. For best results call us for pricing and selection Toll Free at 877-265-9764. Our business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday thru Friday Eastern Time. 

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