Online Sizing Form

Homeowner Identification

Before providing pricing of any system we require sizing your system accurately. Accurate sizing is the first step to obtaining proper selection of the system required.

This is our online sizing questionnaire. Using Manual J calculations the information provided will assist in determining the most accurate size heating and air conditioning system required for your house. Oversizing of equipment occurs in over 60% of households and is the single largest problem in the HVAC industry resulting in excessive energy consumption, premature equipment failure, poor comfort and higher initial purchase price. You can avoid problems of incorrectly sized equipment and not making the often fatal mistake of assuming the existing system is correct or the size equipment proposed by a contractor is accurate. It is extremely important that the information requested be as accurate as possible. If you have difficulty in completing any of the required information please call our technical support team. After submitting the information you will receive an email confirmation the information has been received and processed. You will then be required to call our technical support team toll free at 877-265-9764 for a review of the results. Results are provided after a review by our technical support team. No results will be sent email until you have contacted the technical support team for review of the application. There is no charge for this free Manual J online sizing and if purchasing a system from DESCO Energy we guarantee the sizing of the equipment to be 100% accurate. Our online sizing is also a requirement for obtaining the factory warranties.

Please note the information provided herein is strictly confidential. DESCO Energy has no other interests and will not provide any information provided herein to any other parties for any reason whatsoever.

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