Technical Support

Technical support is the most important service we provide to our customers. Without it we are merely box sellers with no other purpose similar to all the other online sellers.

SEER - Solutions for Energy Efficient Results was created by DESCO Energy to provide you with technical support. It begins with the education and information from our 34 years experience of providing thousands of homeowners successful do it yourself HVAC systems. It is everything we provide here on our website and doesn't end until you decide our services are no longer required or necessary. At DESCO Energy we feel our job isn't really finished until you have a successful efficient operating HVAC system. We refer to SEER - Solutions for Energy Efficient Results as our technical support.

First you will need your house heating and cooling load determined and your system sized. At our online sizing form SEER will automatically perform a Manual J8 calculation and determine the exact btus your house needs for heating and cooling. SEER provides the sizing form for information regarding the physical characteristics of you house. SEER will advise you as to the most efficient system for you based on all important factors including your location, size, construction and energy efficiency of your house and local climate as well as your fuel costs and make recommendations based on that information. SEER will prevent you from purchasing an inefficient oversized or undersized system. Seer will provide education and information to help you understand features and benefits of all types of systems. Seer will also explain the many different efficiencies available and the benefits to each efficiency level and what impact that has on your energy costs. Seer will assist you in setting up and installing the thermostat, controls and equipment. SEER will assist you in diagnosing problems. SEER will provide warranty parts and labor support. SEER will help you locate a licensed technician. SEER will explain in complete detail to your satisfaction what is required for your specific system, how to go about a do it yourself project and the final completion. SEER will provide you with a warranty validation form to be completed by your installation technician for final start up and check out. SEER will also advise you what can be easily completed on the do it yourself level and what needs to be completed by a licensed technician. SEER will help you if you get in over your head. SEER will send a NATE certified technician to your job if required and requested by you. (Note- Applicable expenses and rates do apply for this service. ) SEER will also tell you if we think you may be taking on a project that could be over your head.

SEER will provide you with feedback from satisfied customers and testimonials from successful homeowners like yourself that have installed their own heating and air conditioning systems. 

SEER will show you the major problems in the heating and air conditioning industry and how to avoid them. SEER will also show you how to identify legitimate online sellers and show you the problems illegitimate sellers cause their customers and the entire HVAC industry. SEER will also show you why the equipment they sell doesn't come with any manufacturer's warranty or support.

When you purchase a system from DESCO Energy you get a whole lot more than just boxes. SEER provides the following design and engineering services at no extra charge to you when you purchase a new heating and/or air conditioning system. SEER will design the complete system for you and provide a complete energy efficient fiberglass precut duct system for forced air systems. SEER will also design and provide a complete in floor radiant heating system for you. SEER will review your existing duct system and/or design a new duct system for you at no extra charge other than the cost of the new heating and cooling equipment. If you want to do the layout and design yourself SEER provides online education on how to design your own heating and air conditioning forced air system or in floor radiant heating system.

SEER will advise you of the best equipment selection and best prices from a variety of manufacturers represented and stocked by DESCO Energy.

When finished your new heating and air conditioning system will have a factory warranty and installation that meets and exceeds all manufacturers requirements with maximum efficiency, longevity and most importantly comfort. That's what SEER from DESCO Energy is all about. For questions or support call us toll free 877-265-9764 or email info@descoenergy.com

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