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Want to see the benefits and how easy it is to work with fiberduct? Click Here or go to this link http://cec.ishow.com/mod/index.cfm?ModCon=fiin& SubCon=buen_res&TxtModCon=fiin_txt to see the video. This is an excellent video that demonstrates the ease and speed and benefits of a fiberglass duct system. Go to the section of How To Install Duct board and select your media player type and you'll learn how to assemble duct board and the benefits of a fiberglass duct system.

Below are the common hand tools used to fabricate fiberglass duct systems:

DESCO rents these tools to our customers who are purchasing fiberglass duct board from us at a very minimal cost.


When You Build Or Renovate, Insist On A Fiber Glass Duct System

A fiber glass duct system doesn't use metal - it's made from rigid fiber glass insulation boards formed into rectangular or round ducts. Fiber glass duct systems have built-in energy savings and, when properly installed, have relatively air-tight joints that eliminate leakage common with sheet metal ducts. The only metal components in a fiberglass duct system is the take off fittings and the diffusers.


  1. Delivers Air Efficiently
    When fabricated properly, a fiber glass duct system has minimal air leakage. And because the duct is made from fiber glass insulation, air in the duct is transmitted to the grilles and diffusers at design temperatures. You'll have a more comfortable, draft-free HVAC system that will save energy and money.
  2. Eliminates Equipment Noise
    The built-in fiber glass acoustical insulation reduces the transmission of heating / cooling system noise through your duct system to the rooms of your home. There is no popping, cracking or air rush noise - just quiet comfort. In addition, it reduces noise transferred from one room to another through the ducts.
  3. Minimizes Condensation Problems
    Bare metal air conditioning ducts sweat any time the duct surface temperature is below the dew point temperature. Moisture condensing on the cold surface may drip and cause moisture damage and rust. Fiber glass air ducts minimize this problem.
  4. Attractive Appearance
    A fiber glass duct system has a bright metallic aluminum jacket that is functional and presents a neat, finished appearance.
    So, for now, seal and insulate your old metal ducts. In the future, ask your HVAC Contractor to install fiber glass duct systems in your next home or remodeling project.

Fiber glass duct systems help you get the most out of this efficient, clean way to heat and cool your home.

Benefits Of Fiber Glass Air Duct Insulation Products In An HVAC System

As key components of a well-designed, operated and maintained HVAC system, fiber glass air handling insulation products improve the overall quality of the indoor environment. These materials not only provide cost-effective delivery of indoor environmental quality, they conserve energy, maintain air temperature, and control noise and condensation.

Energy Conservation

The insulating role of fiber glass duct board, duct wrap and duct liner has become even more important with the increased emphasis on ventilation. Increased ventilation requirements place more demands on a building's energy source. The importance of energy efficiency is increasing in terms of overall energy conservation and the affordability of increased ventilation.

Consistent Air Temperature

By reducing the heat transfer across the duct system, fiber glass insulation products allow a building's HVAC system to deliver conditioned air at design temperatures. Consistent air temperatures mean increased comfort for building occupants without over-taxing the energy source, while maintaining lower energy costs.

Noise Control

Without fiber glass insulation products, the acoustical environment of mechanically conditioned buildings can be greatly compromised. Fiber glass duct board and duct liner reduce the transmission of HVAC noise through the duct system, such as expansion and contraction of steel ducts (popping and cracking), air turbulence, etc. Fiber glass acoustical insulation also reduces noise transfer (cross-talk) from one room to another through the ducts.

Condensation Control

Fiber glass duct liner, wrap and board help control condensation in air conditioning duct systems, reducing the opportunity for microbial growth. Condensation will form on bare sheet metal air-conditioning ducts at any point at which the duct surface temperature reaches the dewpoint. The moisture may remain in place or drip, causing moisture damage and creating a potential for microbial contamination. Fiber glass insulation corrects this problem by reducing moisture occurrence, thus eliminating a precondition for microbial growth.

Notice in the fiberduct elbow the use of turning vanes. Turning vanes assist in proper air movements, reduce static losses and create a duct system that is very well designed. Turning vanes are a must for a well designed duct system in the main trunks.


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